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Data Processing Modes

DevExpress Dashboard supports two data processing modes that are used to perform data-related operations (such as grouping, filtering, etc.):

  • In server mode, data-related operations are performed on the database server side. For instance, when an end-user applies filtering to a dashboard item, the Dashboard requests the required data automatically by sending a query containing a corresponding SELECT statement with the specified WHERE clause.
  • In client mode, data-related operations are performed on the workstation side (in the case of WinForms Designer/Viewer) or web server side (in the case of Web Dashboard or Web Viewer). In this mode, a compressed snapshot of aggregated data is loaded into a workstation/web server memory. This reduces memory consumption and improves the speed of client-side data shaping operations using several techniques: data compression, various data grouping, and multi-threading algorithms, etc.

Refer to the required control's topic to learn how to manage a data processing mode.


Note that performance in server/client modes depends on multiple factors such as database structure, server workload, etc. Test both to decide which mode to use.


In OLAP mode, data processing is performed using the server mode specified for the Analysis Services instance. See Determine the Server Mode of an Analysis Services Instance to learn more.