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Create a Custom Item for the Web Dashboard

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In addition to built-in dashboard items, you can implement and embed custom items into the Web Dashboard. A custom item is a JavaScript extension that supports data shaping, interactivity, export, and other item-related features. If you are not familiar with the basic concepts of extensions, please start with the following topic: Extensions Overview.


The tutorials below describe how to create custom items step by step:

You can download the projects with the ready-to-use custom items based on the tutorials above:

View Example: ASP.NET Core View Example: React

You can also download the custom items created from the most popular user requests: Custom Items on GitHub.

Export Limitations

A custom item does not support the default export mechanism. For example, you cannot use WebDashboardExporter / ASPxDashboardExporter to export custom items. In this instance, you need to implement custom export:

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