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FilterEditorControl Class

Allows end-users to construct filter criteria, and apply them to data-aware controls or to a data source.

Namespace: DevExpress.DataAccess.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v18.2.UI.dll


[ToolboxBitmap(typeof(RichEditControl), "Bitmaps256.FilterEditControl.bmp")]
[ToolboxTabName("DX.18.2: Data & Analytics")]
public class FilterEditorControl :
<ToolboxBitmap(GetType(RichEditControl), "Bitmaps256.FilterEditControl.bmp")>
<ToolboxTabName("DX.18.2: Data & Analytics")>
Public Class FilterEditorControl
    Inherits BaseStyleControl
    Implements IFilterControl,


The FilterEditorControl is an updated version of the FilterEditorControl with the single-tab layout.

New Filter Editor Control

This updated FilterEditorControl extends the "Text" panel capabilities to improve the end-user experience when building filter criteria in text mode. These improvements include:

  • end-users can now employ various functions to calculate filter values;
  • columns and functions display tooltips (hints) when end-users hover over them;

    New Filter Editor Control - Functions and Hints

  • entered text is automatically scanned for errors, the error list is shown at the tab's bottom.

Starting with version 18.1, data-aware controls that utilized the FilterEditorControl for filtering their data (e.g., Data Grid) use this updated FilterEditorControl instead. To revert back to the legacy editor, disable the static WindowsFormsSettings.UseAdvancedFilterEditorControl property.

FilterEditorControl settings are identical to those of the legacy FilterEditorControl.

API Description
FilterEditorControl.ViewMode Allows you to choose whether the editor should display the "Visual" panel, the "Text" panel, or both.
FilterEditorControl.ApplyFilter Applies the filter criteria to the source control.
FilterEditorControl.SourceControl A control, associated with this FilterEditorControl.
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