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In-Memory Mode

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Pivot Grid loads data and processes it on the workstation. You can use the PivotGridOptionsData.DataProcessingEngine property to select one of the following data processing engines available for Pivot Grid in this mode: Legacy, LegacyOptimized (default), or Optimized.

To switch to Optimized mode, set the DataProcessingEngine property to DataProcessingEngine.Optimized:

pivotGridControl1.OptionsData.DataProcessingEngine = PivotDataProcessingEngine.Optimized;

Pivot Grid can retrieve data from the server, group and filter data, and calculate summaries in a background thread. This allows the application to stay responsive while these operations are in progress. To do this, set the PivotGridOptionsBehaviorBase.UseAsyncMode property to true to enable asynchronous mode.

Data Processing Engines

Optimized Calculation Engine
This data engine is available in v19.2 and higher. It uses the Data Binding API that offers a flexible way to define data processing logic and performs Intermediate Level Aggregations and calculations. Pivot Grid with the Optimized data processing engine does not support a layout configured with the Legacy and LegacyOptimized engines.
Legacy and LegacyOptimized Calculation Engines

Legacy is the originally developed data engine that can be used if a data-source contains less than 100,000 rows. The engine is not optimized for summary and aggregate calculations. Instead, Legacy is designed to operate with a dozen fields in the row area that contain mostly unique values.

The LegacyOptimized engine is available in v17.1 and higher. The engine supports the Legacy engine’s features, inherited from the legacy API, and increases data processing speed by up to 30 times. In v17.2 and higher, this mode can utilize multi-core processors for data operations: the control splits bound records into bulks and processes them in parallel threads, and the data processing speed increases proportionally to the number of CPU cores. This mode also allows you to restore a layout configured in Legacy mode. In v18.2 and higher, LegacyOptimized is the default engine.