Smart Duplicate Line

You can copy a line using the Shift+Enter shortcut. CodeRush also helps you create structurally similar code lines with minimal changes. The main Smart Duplicate Line features are listed below.

  • Increments/decrements all numeric values (decimal, float, double, hex, octal literals, and identifier parts) based on a recognized incrementation pattern.
  • Increments/decrements single letter identifiers and their parts based on alphabetically-ordered duplication patterns.
  • Creates text fields for the parts of the line that are expected to change. Recognizes camelCaseParts.
  • Changes similar line parts simultaneously by creating linked text fields.
  • Recognizes enum element references and automatically cycles through those elements (if an enum element cycling pattern is detected in the surrounding code).
  • Creates a text field around each identifier and literal in a duplicated line if the Smart Duplicate Line cannot recognize a pattern.
  • Parameters and Arguments in method declarations and calls can also be duplicated using Shift+Enter.
  • You can duplicate string concatenation elements, bitwise, boolean and arithmetic expressions. CodeRush inserts a default operator and marks it with a text field so you can change it later.


Tips and Tricks

  • You can disable the Duplicate Line's "smart" features. Open the IDE | Shortcuts options page, find and select the DuplicateLine command's shortcut (Shift+Enter by default), write "false" in the Parameters field and click OK.
  • The last line or selection duplication is repeated if you invoke the Smart Duplicate Line at the end of the previously duplicated code. This enables you to duplicate a selection several times without re-selecting the code.
  • Text fields can be defined manually before duplication using Multi-Select.
  • Select the part(s) you need to change before duplicating a parameter to create only the required text fields. For example, you can select a parameter name and its type to change both, or just a name if the next argument's type should be the same.
  • You can dismiss all text fields using the Esc key if Smart Duplicate Line generates unnecessary text fields.

Possible Uses

Enumerations description




Structurally similar code lines


Color shadings declaration


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