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Optimize Namespace References


Removes the unused references and optionally sorts them.


Available when the cursor is on a using (Imports) keyword assuming the source code file contains unused references.


  1. Place the caret on a using (Imports) keyword.


    The blinking cursor shows the caret's position at which the Refactoring is available.

    using System;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Diagnostics.Contracts;
  2. Use the Ctrl + . or Ctrl + ~ shortcut to invoke the Code Actions Menu.
  3. Select Optimize Namespace References from the menu.

After execution, the Refactoring sorts the namespace references alphabetically.

using System;
using System.Diagnostics.Contracts;
using System.Windows.Forms;


If you prefer sorting references by length or you want to disable automatic sorting, change these parameters in the Editor | All Languages | Namespace References options page.

In this configuration section, you can also configure the list of namespaces that should never be removed by the Optimize Namespace References Refactoring.


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