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Resources and resource assignments are optional in the Gantt extension.

Resources specify people responsible for tasks, equipment, materials, etc.

Gantt resources

Use the following APIs to specify whether the Gantt hides resources or displays them as task labels:

Resource assignments specify which resources are assigned to tasks. You can assign multiple resources to a task.

Gantt task with multiple resources

The Gantt gets data for resources and resource assignments from separate data tables (Bind(Object, Object, Object, Object)). Use the GanttMappings.Resource and GanttMappings.ResourceAssignment objects to specify which fields in the data tables correspond to properties of the resource and resource assignment.

settings.Mappings.Resource.Key = "ID";
settings.Mappings.Resource.Name = "Name";

settings.Mappings.ResourceAssignment.Key = "ID";
settings.Mappings.ResourceAssignment.TaskKey = "TaskID";
settings.Mappings.ResourceAssignment.ResourceKey = "ResourceID";

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