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A task is a unit of work. On the Gantt chart, it displays the following information:

  • Task title.

  • Duration (start and end dates).

  • Task progress.

  • Associated dependencies that specify relationships between tasks.

  • Associated resources.

Gantt task

A large task can be divided into subtasks that allow you to track the progress.

Gantt subtask

A milestone is a task with the same start and endpoint. Milestones can be used as checkpoints for important points in a project.

Gantt milestone

The Gantt gets data for tasks from a data table (Bind(Object, Object, Object, Object)). Use the GanttMappings.Task object to specify which fields in the data table correspond to task properties.

settings.Mappings.Task.Key = "ID";
settings.Mappings.Task.ParentKey = "ParentID";
settings.Mappings.Task.Title = "Subject";
settings.Mappings.Task.Start = "StartDate";
settings.Mappings.Task.End = "EndDate";
settings.Mappings.Task.Progress = "PercentComplete";

The members below affect task appearance and functionality.

Specifies where to display a task: none, inside or outside the task.
settings.SettingsGanttView.TaskTitlePosition = GanttTaskTitlePosition.Outside;
ShowResources (server-side property)
Specifies whether to display task resources.
settings.SettingsGanttView.ShowResources = false;
ShowResources(value) (client-side method)
Specifies whether to display task resources.

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