When To Show a Hint

The DevExpress Hint can be displayed in two ways.

  • In response to user interaction by specifying the HintSettings.TriggerAction property in the HTML markup.

        settings => {
            settings.Name = "hint";
            settings.TargetSelector = ".myImage";
            settings.TriggerAction = HintTriggerAction.Click;
  • Programmatically on the client using the ASPxClientHintOptions.triggerAction property in the ASPxClientHint.Register client-side method.

    <img src="~/Content/myImage.png" class="myImage">
        settings => {
            settings.ClientSideEvents.Click = "function(s, e) { ASPxClientHint.Register('.myImage', { content: 'sample content', triggerAction: 'hover'} ); }";
            settings.Name = "button1";
            settings.Text = "Button";
            settings.Width = 80;
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