FileSystemConfiguration Members

Provides access to the file system configuration options.


Name Description
FileSystemConfiguration() Initializes a new instance of the class.


Name Description
AllowCopy Specifies whether users can copy files and folders.
AllowCreate Specifies whether users can create folders.
AllowDelete Specifies whether users can delete files and folders.
AllowDownload Specifies whether users can download files.
AllowedFileExtensions Specifies the allowed file extensions.
AllowMove Specifies whether users can move files and folders.
AllowRename Specifies whether users can rename files and folders.
AllowUpload Specifies whether users can upload files.
FileSystemProvider Specifies a file system provider.
Request Specifies the HTTP request.
TempDirectory Specifies the path to the directory where temporary files are stored.
UploadConfiguration Specifies file upload configuration settings.


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