FileSystemCommandProcessor.Execute(FileSystemCommand, String) Method

Executes a command.

Namespace: DevExtreme.AspNet.Mvc.FileManagement

Assembly: DevExtreme.AspNet.Core.dll


public FileSystemCommandResult Execute(
    FileSystemCommand command,
    string arguments


Name Type Description
command FileSystemCommand

The command.

arguments String

The command arguments.


Type Description

The command result.


The arguments parameter contains information that depends on a file operation:

For example:

  • delete command - the parameter contains the deleted item's FileItemPathInfo object.

  • rename command - the parameter contains the renamed item's FileItemPathInfo object and the item's new name.

Arguments come as an encoded string in JSON format.

The following example illustrates how to create a method that handles the File Manager operations.

API Controller:

public class FileManagerApiController : Controller {
    public object FileSystem(FileSystemCommand command, string arguments) {
        var processor = new FileSystemCommandProcessor(config);
        var result = processor.Execute(command, arguments);


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