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Call the printDocument method to invoke the Print dialog.


If the mode parameter is not specified, the RichEdit prints a document in a mode set by the Mode(PrintMode) method on the server or printMode property on the client.

The RichEdit control supports HTML and PDF print modes:

  • HTML Mode (default). The control renders the document’s markup in a blank browser tab and calls the browser’s Print dialog.


    HTML print mode has the following limitations:

    • The document and print dialog settings should use the same page format to prevent content offset.
    • The browser’s Print dialog does not specify its settings automatically. We recommend that you use A4 paper for the browser’s default print settings.
    • You cannot specify different page orientation for document sections.
  • PDF Mode. The control exports the document to PDF and invokes the Print dialog for the PDF file. When you export to PDF, you should upload a list of available fonts and their sources to the client and register the pdfkit library on your page.