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The Rich Text Editor provides a comprehensive API, allowing you to manipulate the document programmatically.

Server-Side API

On the server side, the Rich Text Editor control is represented by the BootstrapRichEdit class.

To load the document using server-side API, specify the working directory path using the WorkDirectory property and then call the Open method to load the document into the control.

<dx:BootstrapRichEdit runat="server" ID="RichEdit" Height="500px">



The BootstrapRichEdit control internally uses a comprehensive server-side API (a set of interfaces, methods, events, and commands) implemented by the RichEdit Core Library to access the document from code. This API is not publicly exposed at the BootstrapRichEdit control level.

If you want to get familiarized with the RichEdit document’s internal implementation, however, you can refer to the Document Server’s Fundamentals - Document topic, which lists the most important entities of the RichEdit API.

Client-Side API

The Rich Text Editor’s client API is available through the BootstrapClientRichEdit class. It provides information about the current settings of the main document model elements and allows you to modify selected element settings.