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ASPxClientRadarDiagram.DiagramToPoint(argument, value) Method

Converts the diagram coordinates of a point into screen coordinates.


    argument: any,
    value: any
): ASPxClientControlCoordinates


Name Type Description
argument any

An object, representing the point’s argument.

value any

An object, representing the point’s value.


Type Description

An ASPxClientControlCoordinates object, containing information about the point’s X and Y coordinates, its visibility state, and the associated pane.


Use the DiagramToPoint method, to convert diagram coordinates of a point (measured in axis units) to the screen coordinates. For example, this method allows you to obtain screen coordinates of series points, and draw custom graphics onto your chart across them.


This method works only if the WebChartControl.EnableClientSidePointToDiagram property is set to true. And, if you don’t need to convert diagram coordinates into display coordinates on the client side, leave the EnableClientSidePointToDiagram property disabled, to reduce the amount of the server-client traffic.

For the opposite conversion (of screen coordinates to diagram coordinates), use the ASPxClientRadarDiagram.PointToDiagram method.

With the XY-Diagram type, use the similar ASPxClientXYDiagram2D.PointToDiagram and ASPxClientXYDiagram2D.DiagramToPoint methods.

For more information, see the following documents.

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