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ASPxClientWebChartControl Class

A class which provides access to the entire hierarchy of chart elements on the client side.


declare class ASPxClientWebChartControl extends ASPxClientControl


To access a chart element’s hierachy on the client side, use the ASPxClientWebChartControl.GetChart method, which returns the ASPxClientWebChart object, containing information about the chart.

The client-side events available via the ASPxClientWebChartControl object allow you to perform a specific action when an end-user either hot-tracks a particular chart element (ASPxClientWebChartControl.ObjectHotTracked) or clicks on it, selecting it (ASPxClientWebChartControl.ObjectSelected).


The client-side programmatic interface is available if the WebChartControl.EnableClientSideAPI property is set to true.

For more information, refer to Handling Client-side Scripts and How to: Use the Client-Side Model of the WebChartControl.


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