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ImageSliderItem Class

An individual item within the image slider controls.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v20.2.dll


public class ImageSliderItem :


The ImageSliderItem class implements the functionality of an individual image slider item within an ASPxImageSlider control. Instances of the ImageSliderItem class are maintained within the ASPxImageSlider.Items collection. Individual items can be accessed and manipulated (added or deleted) by using the means provided by the ImageSliderItemCollection class which is exposed via these Items properties.

Use the properties of the ImageSliderItem class to specify the appearance and behavior of an individual item. You can define the ImageSliderItem.Name, ImageSliderItem.Text, ImageSliderItem.ImageUrl, and ImageSliderItem.ThumbnailUrl properties to specify the item’s name, descriptive text, image displayed in the image area, and thumbnail displayed in the navigation bar. Specify the MenuItem.NavigateUrl property to set the URL the client web browser navigates to when an end user clicks the item.

Note that the ImageSliderItem class has a client-side equivalent - an object of the ASPxClientImageSliderItem type.


This code sample demonstrates how you can manually create ASPxImageSlider items and specify the items’ properties.

<dx:ASPxImageSlider ID="ASPxImageSlider1" runat="server">
          <dx:ImageSliderItem ImageUrl="~/Images/img1.jpg" Name="Sunset" 
               NavigateUrl="~/sunset.asp" Text="Sunset" ThumbnailUrl="~/Thumbnails/thumb1.jpg" />
          <dx:ImageSliderItem ImageUrl="~/Images/img2.jpg" Name="Lupines" 
               NavigateUrl="~/lupines.asp" Text="Lupines" ThumbnailUrl="~/Thumbnails/thumb2.jpg" />
          <dx:ImageSliderItem ImageUrl="~/Images/img3.jpg" Name="Road" 
               NavigateUrl="~/road.asp" Text="Road" ThumbnailUrl="~/Thumbnails/thumb3.jpg" />
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