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ASPxDockManager Class

A component that is used to manage panels and zones on a page.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v20.2.dll


public class ASPxDockManager :


An ASPxDockManager component allows you to manage all panels (accessed via the ASPxDockManager.Panels property) and zones (accessed via the ASPxDockManager.Zones property) on a page.

Use the ASPxDockManager.FreezeLayout property to control whether an end-user can change a panel’s dock state, and rearrange panels within a zone by dragging them. Set this property to true to prohibit an end-user from changing the docking layout.

The ASPxDockManager component provides the ability to reset a layout to its initial state using the ASPxDockManager.ResetLayoutToInitial method.


The ASPxDockManager component provides you with a comprehensive client-side functionality, implemented using JavaScript code:

The component’s client-side API is enabled if the ASPxDockManager.ClientInstanceName property is defined, or any client event is handled.

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