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Available Themes

This topic lists the available predefined DevExpress Themes that ship with the installation. You can apply themes to all DevExpress web controls globally or individually.

Default Theme

By design, all DevExpress visual controls have a common default appearance, which is implemented by the DevExpress theme called "Default". All resource files (images, CSS and skin files) for this theme are maintained within related product assemblies (e.g., DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList.v19.2.dll for ASPxTreeList).

Theme Name Preview Image
Default default.png

Themes maintained within the ASPxThemes assembly

Predefined DevExpress themes included in the ASPxThemes Assembly are listed below.

Theme Name Preview Image
Aqua aqua.png
BlackGlass black-glass.png
DevEx devexpress.png
Glass glass.png
Metropolis metropolis.png
MetropolisBlue metropolisBlue.png
Office2003Blue office-2003-blue.png
Office2003Olive office-2003-olive.png
Office2003Silver office-2003-silver.png
Office2010Black office-2010-black.png
Office2010Blue office-2010-blue.png
Office2010Silver office-2010-silver.png
PlasticBlue plastic-blue.png
RedWine red-wine.png
SoftOrange soft-orange.png
Youthful youthful.png


The following themes primarily target tablet and mobile devices. Note that although the iOS theme is designed and optimized for a touch interface, it does not fully emulate iOS element appearance. The size of touch-enabled UI elements is modified to fit the average size of a fingertip, thus making them touch-friendly control elements.

Theme Name Preview Image
Material Material.png
MaterialCompact MaterialCompact.png
Moderno Moderno.png
Office365 office365
Mulberry Mulberry.png
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