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Included Components

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This topic lists all included Data Editor controls.

You can use an editor control stand-alone or within a DevExpress container control such as a grid view (ASPxGridView). To embed a specific editor in a container control, a corresponding EditorProperties object (specific to the editor’s type) must be created. This object implements all the editor properties that allow you to customize the in-place editor. The container control (ASPxGridView) uses information from EditorProperties classes to create fully-functional editors when required.

Each editor contains the corresponding client-side equivalent object that allows you to perform the required actions on the client side.

The table below lists available editors, their corresponding editor properties classes and client-side equivalents.

Logo Server Control Editor Properties Class Client Object Description
logo_ASPxBinaryImage ASPxBinaryImage BinaryImageEditProperties ASPxClientBinaryImage An editor that displays binary images.
logo_ASPxButton ASPxButton None ASPxClientButton The button control.
logo_ASPxButtonEdit.png ASPxButtonEdit ButtonEditProperties ASPxClientButtonEdit A text editor that allows you to display buttons within an edit box.
logo_ASPxCalendar.png ASPxCalendar CalendarProperties ASPxClientCalendar The calendar control that allows dates to be selected and provides you with a quick way of navigating through months and years.
logo_ASPxCheckBox.png ASPxCheckBox CheckBoxProperties ASPxClientCheckBox A check box control that displays a check box option. Mostly used to edit Boolean values.
logo_ASPxCheckBoxList ASPxCheckBoxList CheckBoxListProperties ASPxClientCheckBoxList A control that provides a list of check boxes.
ASPxColorEdit-Icon ASPxColorEdit ColorEditProperties ASPxClientColorEdit A color editor.
logo_ASPxComboBox.png ASPxComboBox ComboBoxProperties ASPxClientComboBox A text editor that allows you to select predefined items from a dropdown list.
logo_ASPxDateEdit.png ASPxDateEdit DateEditProperties ASPxClientDateEdit An editor that allows you to edit date values using a dropdown calendar.
ASPxDropDownEdit-Icon ASPxDropDownEdit DropDownEditProperties ASPxClientDropDownEdit An editor with a templated dropdown window.
logo_ASPxFilterControl.png ASPxFilterControl None ASPxClientFilterControl A stand-alone control that allows end-users to build filter criteria.
logo_ASPxHyperLink.png ASPxHyperLink HyperLinkProperties ASPxClientHyperLink An editor that allows you to edit hyperlinks and navigate to their targets.
logo_ASPxImage.png ASPxImage ImageEditProperties ASPxClientImage An editor that displays images.
logo_ASPxLabel.png ASPxLabel LabelProperties ASPxClientLabel A label control that displays text on a web page.
logo_ASPxListBox.png ASPxListBox ListBoxProperties ASPxClientListBox A list box control that displays a list of items that a user can select.
logo_ASPxMemo.png ASPxMemo MemoProperties ASPxClientMemo An editor that allows you to display and edit multi-line text.
ASPxProgressBar-Icon ASPxProgressBar ProgressBarProperties ASPxClientProgressBar The progress bar control.
logo_ASPxRadioButton.png ASPxRadioButton RadioButtonProperties ASPxClientRadioButton A button control that a user can select, but not clear.
logo_ASPxRadioButtonList.png ASPxRadioButtonList RadioButtonListProperties ASPxClientRadioButtonList A control that displays a group of radio buttons.
logo_ASPxSpinEdit.gif ASPxSpinEdit SpinEditProperties ASPxClientSpinEdit A textbox editor with specific spin buttons used to edit numeric values.
logo_ASPxTextBox.png ASPxTextBox TextBoxProperties ASPxClientTextBox A single-line text editor.
ASPxTimeEdit-logo.png ASPxTimeEdit TimeEditProperties ASPxClientTimeEdit An editor that allows users to edit displayed time values.
ASPxTokenBox-logo.png ASPxTokenBox TokenBoxProperties ASPxClientTokenBox A text editor that allows you to select multiple items from a predefined list using the auto-complete feature.
ASPxTrackBar_logo.png ASPxTrackBar TrackBarProperties ASPxClientTrackBar A slider editor for single and range value selection.
ASPxValidationSummary-logo.png ASPxValidationSummary None ASPxClientValidationSummary A control that allows you to summarize validation errors and display them as a group in a panel.