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Import and Export

This document contains an overview of techniques, methods and properties used to load and save documents in different formats.


Specify the WorkDirectory property to make the open and save document operations available.

Load a Document

To load a file into the ASPxSpreadsheet control, an end-user can use a standard Open command from the ribbon File tab. It invokes the built-in Open dialog.

To programmatically load a document, call the ASPxSpreadsheet.Open method. It can be used to load a document from a file or a stream; a file format can be specified explicitly or deduced from the file extension.

Save a Document

To save a document, an end-user must use the standard SaveAs command from the ribbon File tab. This command invokes the built-in Save As… dialog. The ribbon Save command can also be used to save modifications under the same name, without invoking any dialog.

The Spreadsheet API has the ASPxSpreadsheet.Save method to save current modifications, and the ASPxSpreadsheet.SaveCopy and SpreadsheetDocumentInfo.SaveCopy methods allowing you to export a document to any of the supported file formats.

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