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Apply a Theme with the ASP.NET Mechanism

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If you are familiar with standard ASP.NET Themes and use them across web projects, you can utilize DevExpress Themes in a similar way. To apply a pre-packaged DevExpress Theme or a custom theme, copy the required skin files to your project’s App_Themes folder. The DevExpress ASPxThemeDeployer tool can assist you in deploying theme resource files from a theme assembly (ASPxThemes or a custom theme assembly).

Deploying Skin Files to a Website

  • Launch the ASPxThemeDeployer tool.
  • If you already have a custom theme assembly, do the following.

    • In the Theme Deployer window, click File | Import Custom Themes…
    • In the invoked dialog box, select the required assembly and click Open.


  • Specify the path to your site in the Site path box.
  • Select the required products from the Products check box list.
  • In the Themes check box list, select the required pre-packaged or custom theme.
  • Since the assembly contains all other required image and CSS files, leave the Only skin files option checked - to add skin files to the project.
  • After copying is complete, click Copy Files and close the Theme Deployer window.
  • Click the Refresh button (ASPxThemeBuilder-RefreshButton) in Solution Explorer to see that the required pre-packaged or custom theme was added to the application’s App_Themes folder.

Other theme resources (e.g., CSS, image files) can be placed in the same folder that contains the theme’s skin files, or they can be added elsewhere in the Web application (e.g., within a theme assembly).

You can now apply the theme to a web page or an entire website.

Apply a Theme to a Web Page

  • Declarative approach:

    To specify a theme for a page, set the @Page directive’s Theme attribute to the theme name.

    <%@ Page Theme="Aqua" ... %>
  • Programmatic approach:

    Specify the page’s Page.Theme property in the Page.PreInit event handler.

    protected void Page_PreInit(object sender, EventArgs e) {
         this.Theme = "Aqua";

Apply a Theme to a Website

  • Declarative approach:

    Set the theme attribute to the theme name in the pages element within the web.config file.

        <pages theme="Aqua" />

We recommend that you utilize the DevExpress theming mechanism instead of the ASP.NET mechanism. Note that if both mechanisms are used to specify a theme, the DevExpress mechanism will be applied. To utilize the ASP.NET theming mechanism instead, ensure that the theme attribute within the themes DevExpress section is empty.

     <themes theme="" ... />
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