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.NET Framework 4.5.2+
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IModelOptionsWeb Properties

Used to extend the Application Model‘s Options node.
Name Description
CollectionsEditMode Specifies the application’s mode of operation, with respect to the display of nested List Views.
ConfirmUnsavedChanges Specifies whether or not a confirmation dialog is displayed by browser when there are unsaved changes and a user closes the browser tab or clicks an Action whose execution may lead to loss of unsaved data.
ListViewAllowSort Specifies if UI-level sorting is allowed.
ListViewEnableColumnChooser Specifies whether the column chooser is enabled.
ListViewEnablePageSizeChooser Specifies whether the page size chooser is enabled.
PopupWindowOptions Provides access to the Options | PopupWindowOptions node.
ViewCaptionTruncate Specifies whether or not captions are displayed in truncated form.
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