Office Module Overview

The Office Module simplifies the integration of DevExpress Rich Text Editor control to WinForms XAF applications and provides the Mail Merge support.


You can see a demonstration of the Office Module in the Property Editors and Reports section of the Feature Center demo that is shipped with XAF. This demo is installed in the %PUBLIC%\Documents\DevExpress Demos 18.2\Components\eXpressApp Framework\FeatureCenter folder, by default.

Office Module Capabilities

The Office Module provides the RichTextPropertyEditor Property Editor. This editor uses the RichEditControl to edit rich text documents in different formats.

You can also create Mail Merge templates to generate documents based on data from your application database.

Add the Office Module

To use the module, add the OfficeWindowsFormsModule component to your WinForms application project in the Application Designer.


Application Model Extensions

The Office Module extends the Application Model as follows: