How to: Enable High DPI Support in a WinForms Application

This topic describes adjustments you should perform to prepare your WinForms XAF application to be used on 4K display devices.

Enable DPI-Aware Mode

To enable DPI-Aware Mode, use one of the approaches described in the High DPI Support topic.

Enable the New Report Wizard

If you use the Reports V2 Module, edit the WinApplication.cs (WinApplication.vb) file. In the WinApplication descendant constructor, set the static WinReportServiceController.UseNewWizard property to true

DevExpress.ExpressApp.ReportsV2.Win.WinReportServiceController.UseNewWizard = true;

Current Limitations and Recommendations

  • Design your applications under default 96 DPI (100%). Downscaling a form developed under higher DPI values may lead to possible issues.
  • Currently, we do not provide built-in icons for high DPI. Existing images may look blurry or too small on your screen. However, you can provide custom icons of an appropriate size.
  • Per-Monitor DPI is not supported. The application window will be upscaled/downscaled by the system when you drag it between displays with different DPI settings.
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