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Redistribution and Deployment

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XAF applications and referenced assemblies should be deployed at the same time. There are several Developer Express assemblies that are considered redistributable under the End User License Agreement (EULA) and can be distributed to your application’s end-users. You must have a valid license to legally distribute applications that use Developer Express components.

It is not necessary to deploy all the listed redistributable files with your application. Refer to the Deployment Tutorial to learn how to correctly deploy XAF applications with the required assemblies.

All the DevExpress assemblies your XAF Application requires and references are available as part of the Universal Subscription.


Consult the End User License Agreement (EULA) for additional up-to-date information on redistributable assemblies, tools, and executables.

Other Redistributable DevExpress Assemblies

In addition to the files listed in the EULA, an XAF application may require you to distribute other Developer Express assemblies supplied with installation. This list depends on DevExpress controls employed in an application.


Use the Assembly Deployment Tool to analyze your project and to obtain the list of assemblies you should deploy. Compare the assemblies identified by this tool identifies to redistributable assemblies available in the End User License Agreement (EULA).

The following is a list of links to redistributable assemblies grouped according to specific application needs:

Non-Redistributable Files

The following table lists Developer Express libraries whose distribution is strictly prohibited:

  1. Design-time libraries whose names end with “.Design” (except for DevExpress.Workflow.Activities.v23.1.Design.dll).
  2. Tools in the %PROGRAMFILES%\DevExpress 23.1\Components\Tools\eXpressAppFramework folder, except for those listed in the previous sections.


You cannot use the DevExpress .NET Products Installer to deploy assemblies onto an end-user machine; you should manually deploy necessary assembly files onto the target machine instead.