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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

FullTextSearch Action

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The eXpressApp Framework builds the FullTextSearch Action in both Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms applications. This Action allows end-users to filter the current List View. When typing a word combination in the Action’s text box, only objects whose property values contain individual words from this combination are left shown in the List View. When the text box is emptied, all List View objects are again displayed.




The Action is available for root List Views (displayed in the images). In addition, you can use this Action when it is displayed in the Lookup Property Editor’s drop-down window or the Link Action’s pop-up window. In these instances, the Action is represented by the Find editor and Go button. To make it available, the count of the objects in the List View should be more than the value specified for the IModelOptions.LookupSmallCollectionItemCount property of the Application Model‘s Options node. For details, refer to the How to: Add a Search Action to Lookup Property Editors and Link Pop-up Windows topic.

The FullTextSearch Action is contained in the FilterController. To access the Action in code, use the FilterController.FullTextFilterAction property.

To learn how to customize the FullTextSearch Action’s search engine, refer to the FilterController.FullTextFilterAction member description and the How to: Make the FullTextSearch Action Search Within Required Properties topic.