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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

Adjust Data Sources for Reference and Collection Properties

The DataSourcePropertyAttribute, DataSourceCriteriaAttribute, and DataSourceCriteriaPropertyAttribute can be applied to business classesreference and collection properties. These attributes allow adjusting data sources for the following List Views associated with target properties:

Attribute’s Target Affected List View Example
Reference property List View displayed in a Lookup Property Editor. How to: Implement Cascading Filtering for Lookup List Views
Collection property List View invoked by the LinkUnlinkController.LinkAction Action in a popup window. How to: Filter a Link Dialog’s List View

Attributes usage:

  • The DataSourceProperty attribute accepts the name of a collection property to be used as the data source.
  • The DataSourceCriteria attribute specifies the criteria expression used to filter the data source.
  • The DataSourceCriteriaProperty attribute accepts the name of a CriteriaOperator type property which returns data source’s filter criteria. This allows you to dynamically apply complex custom filters.


  • When these attributes are applied to a collection property, the collection itself is not filtered. The filter is used for the Link Action’s popup only.
  • DataSourceCriteriaProperty overrides DataSourceCriteria when both attributes are applied to the same property.