.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

XPView Properties

The view that stores data retrieved from persistent objects.
Name Description
CanRaiseEvents protected Gets a value indicating whether the component can raise an event. Inherited from Component.
CaseSensitive Gets or sets whether string comparisons evaluated by the XPView on the client are case-sensitive.
Container Gets the IContainer that contains the Component. Inherited from Component.
Count Gets the number of records within the view.
Criteria Gets or sets the criteria associated with the view.
CriteriaString Gets or sets the criteria used to filter objects while the view is being loaded.
DesignMode protected Gets a value that indicates whether the Component is currently in design mode. Inherited from Component.
Events protected Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this Component. Inherited from Component.
Filter Gets or sets the expression used to filter the rows displayed in the view (on the client side).
GroupCriteria Gets or sets the grouping criteria which is associated with the view.
GroupCriteriaString Gets or sets the grouping criteria which is associated with the view.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to individual records within the view.
ObjectClassInfo Gets the metadata information for the persistent objects retrieved by the view.
ObjectType Gets the type of the class whose metadata is provided by the XPView.ObjectClassInfo property.
Properties Gets a collection of ViewProperty objects that represent view columns.
SelectDeleted Specifies whether objects marked as deleted are retrieved by the XPView.
Session Gets or sets the session which is used to load and save persistent objects.
Site Gets or sets the ISite of the Component. Inherited from Component.
SkipReturnedRecords Gets or sets the number of records to exclude when populating the view.
Sorting Provides access to the collection whose elements identify the sorted columns within the view.
TopReturnedRecords Gets or sets the maximum number of records retrieved by the view.
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