.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

IDataLayer.SchemaInit Event

When implemented by a class, this event will occur when the data schema is initialized or updated.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpo

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpo.v21.2.dll


event SchemaInitEventHandler SchemaInit

Event Data

The SchemaInit event's data class is SchemaInitEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Command Gets an SQL statement which can be executed while connected to an SQL data source.
Table Gets an object metadata the schema for which has been created in storage.


private static void DataLayer_SchemaInit(object sender, SchemaInitEventArgs e) {
    if (e.Table.ClassType == typeof(User)) {
        XPMemberInfo firstNameColumn = e.Table.FindMember("FirstName");
        e.Command.CommandText = String.Format(
          "alter table [{0}] alter column [{1}] nvarchar({2}) collate Latin1_General_CS_AS",
          e.Table.TableName, firstNameColumn.MappingField, firstNameColumn.MappingFieldSize
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