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.NET Standard 2.0+

How to: Connect to SQL Azure

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With XPO, connecting to SQL Azure is similar to connecting to SQL Server. Because SQL Azure Database represents a cloud-based database service built on Microsoft SQL Server technologies, the connection requires the same connection provider, MSSqlConnectionProvider, which was extended with support for SQL Azure. So, to connect to a SQL Azure database, you can use the same techniques described in the How to: Connect to a SQL Server topic. The only difference involves specifying a cloud-based SQL server instance as a data source.

Supplying a SQL Azure connection string

As with SQL Server, you can manually specify a SQL Azure connection string. To indicate that the MSSqlConnectionProvider needs to be used, add the “Initial Catalog” entry to the connection string, as shown below.

XpoDefault.Session.ConnectionString = String.Format(
    "data source=tcp:{0};initial catalog={1};user id={2};password={3};", 
serverName, databaseName, userName, password);

Using the GetConnectionString Function

As with SQL Server, you can use the MSSqlConnectionProvider.GetConnectionString overloaded function to create the default Data Access Layer (DAL).

string sqlConn = 
    MSSqlConnectionProvider.GetConnectionString(@"", "MyDatabase");
XpoDefault.DataLayer = XpoDefault.GetDataLayer(sqlConn, AutoCreateOption.DatabaseAndSchema); 
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