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.NET Standard 2.0+

How to: Link Classes Located in Different Assemblies

If you have access to the sources of the classes to be linked, use the AssociationAttribute with the AssociationAttribute.AssemblyName and AssociationAttribute.ElementTypeName as follows:

[Association("CustomersOrderLink", "CustomerAssembly", "CustomerAssembly.Customer")]
public Customer.Customer Customer { get; set; }
// ...
[Association("CustomersOrderLink", "OrderAssembly", "OrderAssembly.Order")]
public XPCollection Orders { get; }

When you cannot modify the sources of the classes to be linked, you can introduce an intermediate class:

public class CustomerToOrderLink {
    public Customer Customer;
    public Order Order;

Or, define an association dynamically at runtime, using the XPClassInfo.CreateMember method.

XPClassInfo customerInfo = dictionary.GetClassInfo(typeof(Customer));
XPClassInfo orderInfo = dictionary.GetClassInfo(typeof(Order));
customerInfo.CreateMember("Orders", typeof(XPCollection<Order>), true, false, new AssociationAttribute("Customer-Orders", typeof(Order)));
orderInfo.CreateMember("Customer", customerInfo, new AssociationAttribute("Customer-Orders"));