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GeoUtils Methods

Cartography measurement API for maps with a geographical coordinate system.
Name Description
CalculateArea(MapShape) static Computes the closed shape area.
CalculateArea(IList<GeoPoint>) static Computes the area of a closed shape formed by the given points.
CalculateBearing(GeoPoint, GeoPoint) static Computes an angle between the Geodetic North direction and a line given by two points, clockwise in degrees.
CalculateCenter(GeoPoint, GeoPoint) static Returns a center point with geographical coordinates between two given points.
CalculateDistance(GeoPoint, GeoPoint) static Calculates the distance between specified points.
CalculateLength(IList<GeoPoint>) static Calculates a polyline length in meters.
CalculateStrokeLength(MapShape) static Returns the map shape's stroke length in meters.
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