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GeoUtils.CalculateArea(MapShape) Method

Computes the closed shape area.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraMap.v19.2.dll


public static double CalculateArea(
    MapShape shape
Public Shared Function CalculateArea(
    shape As MapShape
) As Double


Name Type Description
shape MapShape

The closed map shape whose area is calculated.


Type Description

The map shape area in squire meters.


You can use the CalculateArea method to determine an area of the following vector items:

The following example shows how to compute the selected map shape's area:

private void mapControl_SelectionChanged(object sender, MapSelectionChangedEventArgs e) {
    MapShape mapShape = vectorItemsLayer.SelectedItem as MapShape;
    double areaByShape = GeoUtils.CalculateArea(mapShape)/1000000;
    label.Text = $"Shape Area: {areaByShape:F2} km²";   
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