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Project Settings Page

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The DevExpress Project Settings page allows you to set up project-wide settings like the default control font or the DevExpress skin. To invoke this page, right-click a project in Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer window and select “DevExpress Project Settings”. If you invoke the Project Setting dialog for a project that has no DevExpress libraries referenced, the corresponding notification appears. Click the “Convert” button to add four core DevExpress libraries: Data, Utils, XtraBars, and XtraEditors.

Project Settings Page


  • If you use the Project Settings dialog, do not specify other project-wide settings elsewhere. Otherwise, settings stored in the automatically generated app.config file can conflict with your custom settings.
  • If your application uses standard forms instead of DevExpress forms, settings from the app.config file are not loaded automatically. You need to call the WindowsFormsSettings.LoadApplicationSettings method to apply these settings.