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The DevExpress Gauge Controls include Windows 10 optimized features so you can create digital dashboards that are easy-to-understand and effectively convey business conditions.

This suite contains two gauge controls - the CircularGauge and the LinearGauge.

Circular Gauge

The CircularGauge is intended for creating arc speedometers, tachometers, stopwatches, clocks, etc.

Circular Gauge Elements

  • Arc Scale
  • Circular Gauge Layer

Arc Scale Elements

  • Arc Scale Layer
  • Arc Scale Line
  • Spindle Cap
  • Major Tickmarks
  • Minor Tickmarks
  • Arc Scale Labels
  • Arc Scale Needle
  • Arc Scale Marker
  • Arc Scale Range Bar
  • Arc Scale Ranges

Linear Gauge

The LinearGauge is intended for creating linear thermometers, indicators, etc.

Linear Gauge Elements

  • Linear Gauge Layer
  • Linear Scale

Linear Scale Elements

  • Linear Scale Layer
  • Linear Scale Line
  • Major Tickmarks
  • Minor Tickmarks
  • Linear Scale Labels
  • Linear Scale Needle
  • Linear Scale Marker
  • Linear Scale Range Bar
  • Linear Scale Ranges

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