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MVVM Framework

The DevExpress MVVM Framework allows you to utilize the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern in WinUI applications.

The MVVM pattern has multiple benefits, such as a more independent development process for both developers and designers, easier code testing, and simpler UI redesigning. Refer to the following MSDN article for more information about this pattern: The MVVM Pattern.

This documentation section contains the following topics that describe features of the DevExpress MVVM Framework.

  • View Models. Base classes that simplify bindable property implementation, validation, commands, consuming services, and interaction between View Models.

  • Commands. Allow you to define actions in a View Model and then bind to them in a View.

  • Behaviors. Allow you to extend the functionality of visual controls, and adhere to the MVVM pattern.

  • Services. Allow you to implement a specific UI-aware functionality for Views in MVVM applications.

  • Converters. A set of extended value converters that allow you to perform conversions between different types and between values of the same type.

  • Messenger. Allows you to implement a message exchange between modules.