DataControlBase Events

Serves as a base for classes that represents data-aware controls (e.g. GridControl).
Name Description
AutoGeneratedColumns Occurs after the columns have been automatically generated.
AutoGeneratingColumn Occurs each time an individual column is auto-generated.
BeforeLayoutRefresh Enables you to lock down end-user capabilities that affect the onscreen position of the focused row (e.g. moving row focus, row scrolling, sorting, etc.).
ColumnsPopulated Obsolete. Occurs after the columns have been automatically generated.
CurrentColumnChanged Occurs after the focused column has been changed.
FilterChanged Occurs after the grid’s filter has been changed.
ItemsSourceChanged Occurs after the DataControlBase.ItemsSource property has been changed.
PropertyChanged Occurs every time any of the DataControlBase class properties have changed their value.
SelectedItemChanged Occurs after the selected item has been changed.
SelectionChanged Occurs after grid’s selection has been changed.
ShowFilterPopup Enables you to customize a column’s filter dropdown.
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