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Filter Dropdown


A column’s filter dropdown provides runtime filtering capabilities. To filter data against a column, an end-user should invoke the column’s filter dropdown and specify a filter criteria. This automatically filters data (displays records that have the selected value(s) in the current column). Filter dropdown lists also display predefined items (All), (Blanks) and (Non Blanks).

To show a filter dropdown, an end-user should click the filter button within a column header.



An end-user can invoke a column’s Filter Dropdown if the grid’s DataControlBase.AllowColumnFiltering property is set to true. Grid columns provide the ColumnBase.AllowColumnFiltering option that enables you override the default behavior specified by a grid. For instance, you can set a column’s ColumnBase.AllowColumnFiltering property to DefaultBoolean.False and prevent an end-user from filtering data by its values using the filter dropdown.