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ColumnBase.ImmediateUpdateColumnFilter Property

Gets or sets whether the column's filter condition is updated as soon as an end-user selects an item within the column's Filter Dropdown. This is a dependency property.

Namespace: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Grid

Assembly: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Grid.v19.1.dll


public bool ImmediateUpdateColumnFilter { get; set; }
Public Property ImmediateUpdateColumnFilter As Boolean

Property Value

Type Description

true to enable automatic updates; otherwise, false.


If the column's filter dropdown is represented as a regular list of items, only one item at a time can be selected. In this instance, selecting an item automatically updates the column's filter and closes the filter dropdown.

If the filter dropdown is represented as a checked list (multiple items can be checked/unchecked simultaneously) or by a custom template, use the ImmediateUpdateColumnFilter property to enable or disable automatic updates. If automatic updates are disabled, the filter is applied after the filter dropdown has been closed.

To learn more, see Filter Dropdown.

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