RangeControl Class

Represents a Range Control.

Namespace: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Controls

Assembly: DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Controls.v19.2.dll


[ContentProperty(Name = "Content")]
public class RangeControl :
Public Class RangeControl
    Inherits Control


The Range Control provides a highly efficient way in which to specify a range of values within an application. Its innovative and touch-friendly design simplifies the manner in which end-users are able to pass parameters within UI. And, because of DirectX rendering, applications that rely on the Range Control will always remain responsive, regardless of the amount of information displayed on-screen.

The Range Control's features include: range zooming, snapping to intervals, immediate range update, animation support, adjustable appearance, etc.

The Range Control has a client area where a range is visualized. The Range Control never draws values or graphs within the client area itself. A range is visualized by a separate Range Control Client object. The following range clients are supported:

  • Date Range Selector

    The DevExpress Universal Date Range Selector is the perfect choice when your interface requires that users specify a range of date values and when you need a touch-friendly way in which to do so. With its smooth animated scrolling and zooming capabilities, and its ability to auto determine the appropriate information to display based on the scale factor used, the Date Range Selector is the most efficient way to choose a range of values on a Windows 10 device.


  • Cartesian Chart Range Selector

    With a single property setting, you can integrate the Range Control with the DevExpress Universal Cartesian Chart and display any series and associated data within it. The Range Control makes it easy to restrict the range of values within the Chart using a mouse or touch and offers elegant visual feedback for the actual value range represented in the Chart.


  • Spark Range Selector

    A lightweight standalone DevExpress Universal Spark Chart optimized to display large amounts of data. With 4 built-in Series types (Spark Point, Spark Line, Spark Area, Spark Bar), the DevExpress Universal Spark Range Selector ships with the following touch-friendly features:


    • Snap to Interval
    • Data Aggregation
    • Async Data Processing
    • Date-Time and numeric value source support


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