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Auto Filter Row

The Automatic Filter Row allows data to be filtered on the fly by typing text within the row. When an end-user types text within the row, a filter condition is automatically created based upon the value entered, and this is applied to the focused data column.

Setting the ColumnBase.ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow property to true makes the filter criteria selector available to the end-users. The filter criteria selector allows the end-users to choose the desired filter criteria from the drop-down list.

Auto Filter Row


The table below lists the main properties that affect element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Visibility GridControl.ShowAutoFilterRow
Style ColumnBase.AutoFilterEditorStyle
Availability and Behavior ColumnBase.AllowAutoFilter, ColumnBase.ImmediateUpdateAutoFilter
Criteria Selector Availability ColumnBase.ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow
Condition ColumnBase.AutoFilterCondition