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Context Menus

The Universal Grid Control provides context menus that can be invoked by right-clicking the grid’s visual elements and provide the ability to perform actions linked to these elements.

By default, the grid provides a column context menu that is invoked by right-clicking a column header and allows end-users to show/hide the Group Panel and Column Chooser and manage sorting and grouping.

Column Context Menu

Below is a list of properties that allow you to specify the grid’s context menus for certain visual elements.

Property Elements
GridControl.ColumnMenu Column headers
GridControl.RowCellMenu Data cells, rows and the Row Indicator Panel
GridControl.GridMenu Empty space within the grid
GridControl.GroupPanelMenu Group Panel

To customize context menus’ content and behavior, handle the following events: GridControl.ContextMenuOpening, GridControl.ContextMenuOpened, GridControl.ContextMenuClosed.