Input Validation Overview

Data Validation Basics

Data Validation takes place when a value specified by an end-user (e.g., when a user types within a text editor and presses the ENTER key) is assigned to the editor's BaseEdit.EditValue property. If the new value is invalid, it is not accepted by the editor. The editor temporarily stores the invalid value until it is corrected or reset.

There are two validation types: automatic validation and manual validation. Automatic validation controls user input using the mask functionality. Manual validation is implemented within the BaseEdit.Validate event handler. To learn more, see Input Validation Types.

Data Validation Features

The following data validation features are available in the DevExpress Editor Controls:

  • Specify when data validation should take place (when the ENTER key is pressed after text is modified, or when an attempt is made to move focus away from the editor after text is modified). For more information, see BaseEdit.ValidateOnTextInput and BaseEdit.ValidateOnEnterKeyPressed.
  • Reset invalid values by pressing the ESC key or by using the BaseEdit.ClearError method.
  • Automatically display an animated error icon with a corresponding tooltip that shows the error message.