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FilterBehavior Fields

Allows you to use the Filter Editor / Filter Elements to filter data-bound controls that do not provide a filtering UI (for example, Charts and Data Editors).
Name Description
ActualFilterCriteriaProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.ActualFilterCriteria dependency property.
FieldsProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.Fields dependency property.
FilterCriteriaProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.FilterCriteria dependency property.
FilterDisplayTextProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.FilterDisplayText dependency property.
FilterEditorDialogServiceTemplateProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.FilterEditorDialogServiceTemplate dependency property.
FilterEditorTemplateProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.FilterEditorTemplate dependency property.
FilterStringProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.FilterString dependency property.
ItemsSourceProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.ItemsSource dependency property.
ShowAllFilterValuesProperty static Identifies the FilterBehavior.ShowAllFilterValues dependency property.
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