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How to: Perform a Mail Merge

  • 3 minutes to read

This example demonstrates how to use the Spreadsheet Mail Merge functionality to automatically generate a document based on data retrieved from an object data source. The mail merge template is created in code when the application starts. The data source is specified using the Workbook.MailMergeDataSource property. The Workbook.GenerateMailMergeDocuments method accomplishes mail merge and returns the resulting workbook. Since the mail merge mode is set to Multiple Sheets, all worksheets created by the GenerateMailMergeDocuments method are contained in a single workbook.

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Workbook workbook = new DevExpress.Spreadsheet.Workbook();
workbook.Unit = DevExpress.Office.DocumentUnit.Inch;

// Create a mail merge template.
Worksheet template = workbook.Worksheets[0];
template.Rows[1].RowHeight = 1.5;
template.Columns[1].ColumnWidth = 1.0;
template.Columns[1].Alignment.Vertical = SpreadsheetVerticalAlignment.Center;
template.Columns[2].ColumnWidth = 2.5;
template.Columns[2].Alignment.WrapText = true;
template.Cells["C2"].Formula = "FIELDPICTURE(\"Photo\", \"range\", C2, FALSE, 50)";
template.Cells["C3"].Formula = "=FIELD(\"FirstName\")&\" \"&FIELD(\"LastName\")";
template.Cells["B4"].Value = "Position:";
template.Cells["C4"].Formula = "FIELD(\"Title\")";
template.Cells["B5"].Value = "Birth Date:";
template.Cells["C5"].Formula = "FIELD(\"BirthDate\")";
template.Cells["C5"].NumberFormat = "M/d/yyyy";
template.Cells["B6"].Value = "Hire Date:";
template.Cells["C6"].Formula = "FIELD(\"HireDate\")";
template.Cells["C6"].NumberFormat = "dddd MMMM dd, yyyy";
template.Cells["B7"].Value = "Home Phone:";
template.Cells["C7"].Formula = "FIELD(\"HomePhone\")";
template.Cells["B8"].Value = "Address:";
template.Cells["C8"].Formula = "=FIELD(\"Address\")&\" \"&FIELD(\"City\")";
template.Cells["B9"].Value = "About:";
template.Cells["C9"].Formula = "FIELD(\"Notes\")";

// Set a detail range in the template.
CellRange detail = template.Range["C1:C9"];
detail.Name = "DETAILRANGE";

// Set a header range in the template.
CellRange header = template.Range["B1:B9"];
header.Name = "HEADERRANGE";

// Switch the mail merge mode to "Multiple Sheets".
workbook.DefinedNames.Add("MAILMERGEMODE", "=\"Worksheets\"");
// Switch the mail merge mode to "Multiple Documents".
//workbook.DefinedNames.GetDefinedName("MAILMERGEMODE").RefersTo = "\"Documents\"";
// Switch the mail merge mode to "Single Sheet".
//workbook.DefinedNames.GetDefinedName("MAILMERGEMODE").RefersTo = "\"OneWorksheet\"";

// Set vertical document orientation.
workbook.DefinedNames.Add("HORIZONTALMODE", "=TRUE");

// Perform mail merge.
workbook.MailMergeDataSource = EmployeeInfo.EmployeesInfo.GetData();
var result = workbook.GenerateMailMergeDocuments();