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How to: Modify an Embedded Picture

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The example below demonstrates how to use various properties and methods of the Picture object to modify a picture inserted in a worksheet.

' Set the measurement unit to Millimeter.
workbook.Unit = DevExpress.Office.DocumentUnit.Millimeter
    Dim worksheet As Worksheet = workbook.Worksheets(0)
    ' Insert pictures from the file.
    Dim pic As Picture = worksheet.Pictures.AddPicture("Pictures\x-docserver.png", worksheet.Cells("A1"))
    ' Specify picture name and draw a border.
    pic.Name = "Logo"
    pic.AlternativeText = "Spreadsheet Logo"
    pic.BorderWidth = 1
    pic.BorderColor = DevExpress.Utils.DXColor.Black
    ' Move a picture.
    pic.Move(20, 30)
    ' Change picture behavior so it will move and size with underlying cells. 
    pic.Placement = Placement.MoveAndSize
    worksheet.Rows(5).Height += 10
    worksheet.Columns("D").Width += 10
    ' Specify rotation angle.
    pic.Rotation = 30
    ' Add a hyperlink.
    pic.InsertHyperlink("", True)
End Try
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