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ViewBase Members

The base class for all scheduler views.


Name Description
DataStorageProperty static Identifies the DataStorage dependency property.
FirstDayOfWeekProperty static Identifies the FirstDayOfWeek dependency property.
StartProperty static Identifies the Start dependency property.
WorkDaysProperty static Identifies the WorkDays dependency property.


Name Description
DataStorage Gets or sets the storage that holds scheduler view’s data (appointments, labels and statuses).
FirstDayOfWeek Gets or sets the day from which the scheduler starts a week.
Start Gets or sets the scheduler start date.
VisibleIntervals Gets the collection of time intervals the scheduler view displays.
WorkDays Gets or sets days that form a work week.


Name Description
DoubleTap Fires when users double tap on the scheduler view.
LongPress Fires when users long press on the scheduler view.
Tap Fires when users tap on the scheduler view.
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