RecurrenceInfo Properties

The storage for the pattern appointment's recurrence information.
Name Description
DayNumber Gets or sets the ordinal number of a day within a defined month.
Duration Returns how long the recurrence occurs.
End Gets or sets the recurrence's end date.
FirstDayOfWeek Gets or sets the day which is the first day of week for occurrence calculations.
Interval Returns the date interval that specifies start and end dates of the recurrence.
Month Gets or sets the number of a month in which the occurrences repeat.
OccurrenceCount Gets or sets how many time an appointment repeats.
Periodicity Gets or sets the frequency with which the appointment occurs (for example, every Nth month).
Range Gets or sets how recurrence information limits the time interval in which occurrences happen.
Start Gets or sets the recurrence's start date.
Type Gets or sets the time base for the frequency of corresponding appointment reoccurrences.
WeekDays Gets or sets one or several days in a week on which the appointment occurs.
WeekOfMonth Gets or sets the number of the week in a month in which a recurrent appointment occurs.
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