DashboardControl.LoadDashboardLayout(String) Method

Loads a dashboard layout (layout items and layout containers) from an XML file.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWpf

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v19.2.Wpf.dll


public void LoadDashboardLayout(
    string filePath
Public Sub LoadDashboardLayout(
    filePath As String


Name Type Description
filePath String

A String value that specifies the path to an XML file that contains the dashboard layout.


Layout Concepts

The dashboard uses layout items and layout containers to arrange dashboard items in a hierarchical structure. This structure is called a dashboard layout.

Element Description API (Desktop / Web)
Layout item Contains and displays an individual dashboard item. DashboardLayoutItem
Layout group A container that is used to arrange layout items (or other layout groups) either horizontally or vertically. At the same time, layout groups are containers that display dashboard item groups. DashboardLayoutGroup
Layout tab page A container for layout items and groups. DashboardLayoutTabPage
Layout tab container A container for layout tab pages. DashboardLayoutTabContainer

For detailed information, see Dashboard Layout.

Note that if SaveDashboardLayout(String) is used to save the layout and you change the name of a dashboard item or the number of items in the DashboardDesigner, the layout is rendered incorrectly when you use LoadDashboardLayout(String) to restore it.

The SaveDashboardLayout / DashboardControl.LoadDashboardLayout do not save a dashboard state. Use the DashboardControl.GetDashboardState and DashboardControl.SetDashboardState methods to obtain and apply the dashboard state, respectively. The DashboardControl.SetInitialDashboardState event restores the saved dashboard state.

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