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DashboardControl.GetSelectedTabPageIndex(String) Method

Returns an index of the selected tab page in the specified tab container.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWpf

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v19.2.Wpf.dll


public int GetSelectedTabPageIndex(
    string tabContainerName
Public Function GetSelectedTabPageIndex(
    tabContainerName As String
) As Integer


Name Type Description
tabContainerName String

A String that is the TabContainerDashboardItem component name.


Type Description

A String that is the TabContainerDashboardItem component name.


The following code selects the last page in a tab container and displays its component name and index in the TabContainerDashboardItem.TabPages collection.

TabContainerDashboardItem tabContainer = dashboardControl.Dashboard.Items.
    FirstOrDefault(item => item is TabContainerDashboardItem) as TabContainerDashboardItem;
if (tabContainer != null)
    dashboardControl.SetSelectedTabPage(tabContainer.ComponentName, tabContainer.TabPages.Count-1);
string pageComponentName = dashboardControl.GetSelectedTabPage(tabContainer.ComponentName);
int pageIndex = dashboardControl.GetSelectedTabPageIndex(tabContainer.ComponentName);
MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Page {0} with index {1} is selected.", pageComponentName, pageIndex));

The complete sample project How to Create and Modify Dashboard Items and Tab Pages in WPF Viewer is available in the DevExpress Examples repository.

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